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Next meetup: Saturday April 26, 2014.


The 8th House, presented by Carol Meyer

Just as the 2nd house is the house of things we own, the 8th is the house of
things we don’t own; i.e. of things we have a hard time relating to. These
‘things’ we usually project onto others.

This brings out the subject of  ’shadow’ and similar psychological concepts.
In this workshop, we will look at the 8th house as representing the turning
point of Freud’s “Infantile sexuality”, and see how this house can give
hints on what we have a hard time relating to, in particular, the so-called
“Sado-anal Complex”.

We’ll give general signification factors, then go through the meaning of the
cusp in each sign.

Carol Meyer was scientifically trained at the École Polytechnique in Paris,
and got a Ph.D. in Mathematics at McGill University. He first learned some
psychology, graphology and similar sciences, then got into astrology in
1980. He studied mostly with Denise Chrzanowska. He is mostly a researcher,
and has been a representative for Matrix Software since 1990.



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