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Lost and Found: A Horary Chart

By Carole Lalonde

On the morning of November 22nd 2010, I took out my wallet at the counter of a department store, intending to pay with my credit card. But I couldn’t find it! When I got back home, I proceeded to empty my wallet, my purse and the pockets of my coat, but to no avail. I then checked around the house. I could not find it. I then looked at my electronic account to see if there were any unknown items that could have been bought by a person having stolen my credit card. The last item registered dated back to twelve days, on November 10th, at a nearby accomodation, where I remembered having purchased pasta. I was baffled as well as reassured : twelve days was a long time indeed. If a dishonest person had picked it up, he or she would have attempted to buy something with my card;on the other hand, if an honest person had picked it up, he or she would probably have sent it back to my bank, and I would have been notified. Maybe I had lost it in the parking lot or even in my car. I carefully checked the inside of my car but to no avail. I was reluctant to call the credit company and have my serial number changed as it entailed alot of paperwork.

I then decided to do a horary chart, at 14 :28 minutes on November 22nd, for Beaumont, Québec, using Regiomontanus houses, as Wm Lilly did.  The chart had Aries rising at 25 degrees 12 minutes. The planetary hour was Mars, as was the ruler of the rising sign. The ruler of 2nd house was Mercury, a natural ruler for credit cards. The Moon in Gemini in 2nd house also indicated a displaced, mercurial object. The chart suited my question well.

Mars was in Sagittarius in the 8th house. Mercury, ruler of 2nd (the lost possession) and natural ruler of credit cards, had just passed the conjunction with ruler of Ascendant. The fact that Mercury and Mars were in a close, separating conjunction made me think that the card was near my home; the Ephemeris showed that Mercury was slowly but steadily parting from the conjunction.

The  dispositor of  both 1st and 2nd house rulers was Jupiter, in dignity in Pisces, although in 12th house. I interpreted this as meaning that my credit card was in a protected but hidden place. Furthermore, the succedent house where Mars, ruler of lst and Mercury, ruler of 2nd , were found, indicated that the credit card was not in my home. Nor had it been stolen, because sweet Venus was in dignity in Libra in 7th and made no aspect to Mercury, significator of my lost card.

The Moon made an exact trine to Saturn in Libra. My emotional state was placid , as I had ruled out thieving and was confident to get my card back.

When could I expect to recover my card? I checked to see when Mars (ruler of the Ascendant) or the Moon (co-ruler) made its next aspect to Mercury, ruler of the lost possession.. The Moon would contact Mars, then Mercury, through an exact opposition in 5 – 6 degrees.  Since the four angles of the chart were in cardinal signs, I thought the find might go fast, that is to say in about five hours from the horary chart time.

The Moon’s last aspect was a trine to Venus in Libra in the 7th house. This confirmed to me that the lost credit card incident would have a happy ending. I reflected that a young woman would help me in the find. As Venus in Libra was in 7th house, I surmised that this young woman was in a socially visible position .

I then thought of the accomodation where I had last bought some merchandise with my credit card. Although this had happened twelve days ago, I decided to call. The cashier, a young woman, answered and immediately confirmed that my credit card was in a drawer behind the counter!

I recovered my credit card at 19 :30 on the same day, exactly five hours after calculating the horary chart! The cashier explained that she had waited for her employer’s return from a week’s vacation to ask him what to do about the credit card. He had then given her instructions to hold it for a few more days before sending it back to the bank. (Saturn, ruler of 10th, was in 6th house).This explained why they had kept my card so long : the exact, stable air trine from the Moon to Saturn, ruler of 10th, confirmed that the accomodation owner knew me as an occasional customer and was confident that I would return shortly.

Carole Lalonde

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