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Celebrate your Sun Sign

“And God said, ‘Let there be light’; and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good . . .”

So begins creation, as depicted in the first chapter of Genesis. We see the light, and also note that it’s good. Rare is the person who prefers rainy days or finds them anything but enervating or depressing. On sunny days we generally feel happier, more active.

Yet it’s easy to trivialize our Sun sign – the zodiac sign with which we identify when someone asks “What’s your sign?” It doesn’t really mean that much to say “I’m a Pisces, Gemini, Capricorn, or whatever, right? After all, it’s so familiar. One need have no knowledge of astrology whatsoever, nor even be aware of the complexity of this ancient art/science, to be able to look up your horoscope. We can read our Sun-sign horoscopes in the newspaper, hear them on the radio, or unroll a little scroll in the drugstore and find astrological insight.

Still, there must be some germ of deeper truth to your Sun-sign, something with which we identify strongly, or we wouldn’t read them as often nor spend so much money on Sun-sign oriented books, t-shirts, jewelry and knick-knacks.

Signs of the Sun

The Sun shares characteristics with the sign of Leo, the portion of the zodiac it is said to rule. Leos can be autocratic, with a regal sense that theirs is the divine right of kings. But also, like big cats, they are very playful and bring a joyful sense of fun wherever they go.

In astrology, the Sun stands for our sense of the wonder and joy at our own creation, the “I am that I am,” of Eheieh, or One and Eternal, one of four sacred names of God in Hebrew. The physical Sun of our universe is a sphere of luminous gas, a yellow star, really. And it’s the centre of our universe, the source of the heat, light, and energy we find necessary to survival. And as Carl Sagan and other astronomers have stated, composed of the same stuff of which we are made.

The Sun is a huge, hydrogen-fusing furnace, producing enough heat – 100 million degrees Celsius – to propel hydrogen atoms towards each other at such speed and force, the momentum is enough for the nuclei to overcome mutually repelling forces and collide. The excess energy is released and radiates the 300,00 miles to the Earth’s surface and well beyond. “The Sun’s inner core is the heart and starting point of all its power, just as our soul is the heart and starting point for us,” theorizes Myrna Lofthus in A Spiritual Approach to Astrology (CRCS, 1983).

The metaphysically oriented see this starting point, or soul, as radiating its light, giving energy and sustenance to the personality. For the psychologically oriented, the Sun acts as inner director, the rallying point and centre of our own universe. Around this point the Will directs the various aspects of personality. The Sun, by the sign and house in which it found and how it is aspected, indicates our sense of personal power and purpose, whether divine or somewhat less than so. Unfortunately, most of us find this perception is obscured, as so often clouds blot the Sun from our view, by other issues, illusions and/or emotional blocks.

The Sun and Energy Release

Many exercises and energy work systems to help us stoke the fires of our inner energy-generators. As well, we can clear the cobwebs and let our light shine, become surer of our purpose and direction.

Here are some simple ways to invoke the positive qualities of the Sun:

Listen to music that helps us feel “sun-ny”: “You Are the Sunshine of My Life,” Stevie Wonder; “Ode to Joy” from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony; Haydn’s “Creation;” “Let the Sun Shine,” from the musical Hair; and the overture to “Candide,” Leonard Bernstein.

Immerse yourself in the colour orange – wear it, decorate with it, incorporate orange foods in your diet, buy orange light bulbs. For orange is associated with the Sun. Colour researchers and therapists Dorothy and Howard Sun (sic) have found wearing or being around it “brings the ‘kiss of life’: good health, vitality, creativity and joy, as well as confidence, courage, buoyancy, spontaneity and a positive attitude to life.” – Colour Your Life (Pitakus, 1992).

The yoga exercise The Sun Salutation is also powerful for realizing solar energies in the mind and body. Find out more about it at: The HomeArts Site, or more rudimentary illustrations at

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