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Commonsense Definitions and Some History

by Cynthia D’Errico

Ancient Astrology:

Ancient Astrology was a religious world-view founded on the belief that man was part of the cosmos and nature around him. This cosmos was imbued with the intelligence and will of the gods (in monotheistic cultures, God). This greater intelligence could be appealed to through the rituals of astrology in order to discover or alter one’s fate. Man could negotiate the terms of his fate when his free will was exercised with sincerity, respect, and reverence for the will of the gods/God. Ancient Astrology was only one part of an integrated science (or, sapientia) which included alchemy and botany.

Modern Astrology:

Modern Astrology is the study of the confluent relationship between man and the universe, founded on the primary idea that planetary motion and cycles correspond to the evolution of the soul as well as life as manifest in matter on earth. This ancient tradition of regarding man as part of, and a participant in, an integrated energistic universe is now being broached in modern physics.. The language of Astrology has changed over many centuries as man’s self-perception and ability to articulate that perception has evolved, but Astrology’s premise remains the same.Astrology is not magic, but rather a way of discovering our place in the vastness of the universe we live in and harmonizing our personal energies with the energies the cosmos continuously emanates.

[Excerpts that I liked from Astrologers I respect]

Soul Food….on the Birth Chart

“…the chart is a mirror of the Soul’s evolutionary intent and plan over the course of the lifetime, an intent that has manifested in matter, in the form of our unique physical bodies….The chart also provides insight into the past life–unresolved complexes and issues contained in the cellular memory (which Jung calls collective consciousness).”

From Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn: The Spiritualization of Matter by Cynthia Hill, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and astrologer (quoted in The Mountain Astrologer magazine, 1995.) ….on Death

“When earlier peoples worshipped the cyclically renewing Moon (as early as 38,000 BC), they had an implicit understanding of rebirth or reincarnation. They saw the Moon disappear, but they also saw her reappear. There was no reason to think that human life was any different from the cosmic and vegetative cycles with which their lives were so attuned.

At this time, humanity operated primarily out of a right-brain consciousness, in an intuitive manner, where the end and beginning are connected, and it sees how things are alike rather than different….Left-brain functioning is analytical and logical, but it is also linear…in which there is a beginning, middle, and end. But the end is no longer connected to the beginning. It was at this point (about 3,000 BC) that humanity began to greatly fear death because it was no longer connected to renewal.”

An interview with Demetra George, cited in The Mountain Astrologer) ….On

“Fate & Transformation” Man’s nature could be transformed “through experience of, and interchange with, the world of images which we would now call the fantasy products of the unconscious….Images had the power to alter or mediate the effects of planetary fate on the physical plane….If one considers the horoscope as the written law of the heavens, then there are different levels upon which fate might enact itself. These different levels are perhaps intimately connected with the inner attitude of the individual and with his relationship, or lack thereof, with the world of images and symbols.”

From The Astrology of Fate by Liz Greene, p. 128-9. ….on Oneness

“…everything in form, in matter, is the energy of the Spirit in various manifestations and functioning at different rates of vibration. All conscious matter, from the most minute cell to the grandest being, is in a constant state of evolution and growth along the spiral Path to the Mountaintop, towards…reunion with the One…. In this way, we take the next giant step on the evolutionary journey towards expansion of consciousness.”

From Cynthia Hill, cited above…..on “Fate & Free Will”

We live out our destiny when we become aware that ‘what happens outside’ is a reflection of ‘what happens inside (us)’. “When an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate. That is to say, when the individual does not become conscious of his inner contradictions, the world must perforce act out the conflict (for him)…..” Carl Jung

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