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The Trayvon Martin case

Was It Self-Defense?

By Marilyn Neuner


To run the chart, use: 7:09:34PM, Feb 26, 2012, Sanford FL

In the astrological study of conflict, it has always been important to figure out who started things. This is far more important than simply an exercise in school-yard finger pointing, on the contrary it’s an extremely revealing step. By doing this it’s possible to accurately assign house cusps to each side of any fight.


The person/nation/faction who has initiated the action is always assigned to the 1st house cusp. This house always shows “what’s coming up.” It tells us who will steer the ensuing event flow that’s being released in that moment. When we assign the 1st cusp accurately, we can go ahead and confidently read the chart.


The person/nation/faction being acted upon is shown by the 7th cusp. It’s in the position of not having chosen the action, but of forced coercion. In astrological conflict, there can never be any assumed exchanges of these two energies mid-battle. The instigator/1st house cannot suddenly become the victim/7th house.  Any changes of fortune mid-battle would happen only if the original mundane chart shows this scenario in its unfolding predictive story line.

We know the exact moment George Zimmerman fired one shot straight into Treyvon Martin’s chest. But, there is an extraordinary dichotomy of belief as to who initiated that shot. The overriding theme emanating from the judgment of this event is that we can’t agree on who started this deadly exchange. We know George actually fired the bullet, but George was found not guilty by a jury who believed Treyvon had turned around and attacked him first. They felt George had to act in self-defense. So how can we assign the first cusp? How can we come to a dispassionate agreement as to who is who? It’s obvious we can’t do it from this chart to anyone’s satisfaction. We’ll have to search further.


When examining the evening carefully, an astrological resolution to this dilemma emerges. Another important element of a mundane chart, (after who is who), is when; or, the earliest time things actually started happening. We indeed can find an earlier accurately recorded time. The shot was a part of a timeline that began when George Zimmerman called NEN (a non-emergency number – not 911) at 7:09:34PM to report a suspicious person. For astrological purposes, this recorded call was the first openly public announcement of the beginning of an unfolding scenario. The call came from George Zimmerman, thus awarding him the 1st house cusp. Any activity before this time was private, unannounced and preliminary, nothing had yet been made public. George started everything with his call.


When George made that call, Treyvon, (according to his phone buddy Rachel Jeantel), was sheltering from the rain under the Retreat at Twin Lake’s mail shed. Treyvon reported to her that someone was watching him from a car, and was also talking on the phone. Treyvon had no idea who this “creepy” guy was or what his intentions were. When viewing an aerial map of the complex, it can be seen that Treyvon had to walk past this car (an action that was reported by George on the NEN call as “circling”), to get home. The car’s position was marked on a map by George Zimmerman for the police. It was parked on a direct path between the mail shed and the home Treyvon was visiting, via a dark, back, safer pathway. It’s clear Treyvon didn’t start this event. Indeed, he had to walk past that car, which caused him to become even more fearful. Rachel reported that Treyvon told her the car followed him down the road. He reacted by running away and hiding in the back where he knew no car could follow. Treyvon clearly knew that he was being watched and possibly stalked.


With our timed mundane chart for the evening’s sequence of events set at 7:09:34 PM on Feb 26, 2012 in Sanford Florida (28N48:01, 81W16:24) we can now consider the exact astrological atmosphere in play as George Zimmerman began this fateful NEN call. To get perspective, it was 7 minutes and 22 seconds later, at 7:16:56 PM, when George shot and killed Treyvon Martin.


Here is the core question: Did George Zimmerman track Treyvon down, then grab him, hold him, and shoot him? Or did Treyvon Martin double back and attack George? Did Treyvon, as the jury found, try to murder George that night, thus precipitating his own death?


The ascendant at 18Virgo53 is considered a marker for George Zimmerman’s physical body. This ascendant is very visually accompanied by a just risen retrograde Mars in 15Virgo56, hiding behind the cusp in a powerful Gauquelin zone. We know George had a gun tucked in his waistband holster, on his rear right side. As this internalized, retrograde Mars was rising just before the call, its’ possible George checked on his gun, or repositioned it, or even loaded it. Astrologically it would be difficult to argue that George forgot about that gun as he has claimed. By just looking at the chart we can see how Mars appears to be single-handedly facing off a veritable forest of planets over on Treyvon’s side.  From an analysis of the elements involved (and from the words George used on the call), we can infer that a pugnacious, hypercritical, yet fearful attitude occupied the ascendant that night.


George is shown in the chart by the planet Mercury, as ruler of Virgo. There are no planets in the 1st house so this is his sole planetary marker. It is Mercury’s placement that tells a huge part of this story. George is over on Treyvon’s side of the chart, just above the 7th house cusp, and occupying Treyvon’s 1st house. Mercury’s position can be read just as it appears. George placed himself directly in front of Treyvon. And because Mercury is setting throughout the course of this event, (that is, moving toward the 7th cusp), George continues to move ever closer. From the first breath of the NEN call, until the deadly gunshot, Mercury’s (George’s) physical movement is closing in on the 7th cusp – which is a primary signifier of Treyvon’s physical body. He never stopped hunting that boy until he found him.


Mercury thinks emotionally in Pisces, and frankly, not very clearly. We know George was taking a number of prescription drugs, including Adderall, from FL Sunshine Law evidence dump records. But the Sanford Police, in their reluctance to charge George, didn’t do a tox screen on him that night. Nor would George go to a hospital. Nothing can ever be known about his physiological state. Mercury in Pisces rates very low on a scale of planetary strength, being both in detriment and fall. When a planet is in this condition it’s capable of exhibiting the very worst characteristics of its’ inherent astrological nature. In Mercury’s case these can be things like slyness, obfuscation, sleight-of-hand, trickiness, deceit . . . Mercury’s (oftentimes verbosely) amoral side.


The only other planet on George’s side of the chart is a 29 degree retrograde Saturn in his mundane 2nd house of resources. This is illustrative of something more that we know from released evidence. George rented, he was not an owner at the Retreat at Twin Lakes. He was in fact in serious arrears in the rent and about to be booted out. We know he was practically indigent before his online defense fund kicked in. There has been speculation that he was out “patrolling” that night to prove his worth to the Home Owner’s Association in order to get hired as a security guard. Any 29 degree planet in a mundane chart can be read as being at the very end of its rope and feeling desperate. But, this Saturn is retrograde, that is, its’ apparent motion is backwards. Somehow George was able to seize upon that movement, by reversing his fortune that night through the actions he took.


After George shot Treyvon, and was finally charged, he set up an online defense fund. Since then this man has lived more affluently than at any other time in his life. In the chart, Mercury is receiving a trine from the Part of Fortune in the 11th house of friends, groups and organizations. This killing has served George and his family quite nicely, with well over half a million dollars in donations to spend as he liked, and money for a full arsenal of weapons donated since his acquittal. It’s no surprise that Venus, ruler of his mundane 2nd house of personal finances, is semi-sextile George’s Mercury from the 8th house of other people’s money.


Mundane Astrology allows us to view this incident from both sides’ viewpoints. Treyvon’s story can receive an equal telling here, unlike during his day in court. We can turn the chart over and look at the astrological climate as Treyvon Martin experienced it that night. When we do this, the original 7th house is read as Treyvon’s 1st. The rest of the houses are also turned over, and read with normal numbering from Treyvon’s first house.


Visually, there are a lot of planets crowding around Treyvon’s 18Pisces53 1st house cusp. Treyvon’s co-rulers are Neptune and Jupiter, and they are acting like two pieces of bread, co-sandwiching the entire grouping of planets in just over a 60o sextile in a strong cohesive pattern.


In early mundane astrology, before Neptune’s discovery, the ancient ruler of Pisces was Jupiter. Here we find Jupiter, as Treyvon’s personal ruler, in Taurus in his 2nd house of resources. We can see that the Moon in Taurus is coming to conjoin him soon.  Rachel Jeantel said he had been talking to her about going to college and how he was missing his mom. Jupiter is the natural ruler of of higher education, while the Moon rules mothers, echoing her testimony astrologically. We see a stable, steady Taurus Moon, moving away from a conjunction with a warm, adventurous Venus, and moving towards a conjunction with an abundant, expansive Jupiter. Nothing in this signature is threatening or “thug-like” in any way. On the contrary, astrologically this exudes of a faithful, sturdily growing individual, warmed by optimism for a bright future.


In Mundane Astrology, some of the rules for reading are very straight forward. It’s apparent Treyvon stayed on his own side and acted only defensively. Indeed, he makes no astrological aspect to George at all so he simply wasn’t a threat. There is no indication that he altered his original fear response and changed into a murderous thug. Rachel testified that Treyvon was “walking away from the man” near the end of the last call, because he was too tired to run anymore. In astrology, there can be clues that a battle has turned in the victim’s favor, but none of these clues appear in this chart. Nothing has changed since the original intent. It’s clear George controlled the situation throughout the entire encounter. According to classic astrological judgment, George’s story that Treyvon attacked him has to be false, and this is easily demonstrated by reading this chart.


The physical altercation began where it ended, some 40 feet from where George said it happened. Using Treyvon’s phone records, released just before trial, we know there were only about 45 seconds between the time Treyvon’s phone disconnected and the gunshot. Rachael heard a faint “get off, get off,” from Treyvon, right before the phone went dead. The first 911 call capturing the screams came in seconds later. Rachel Jeantel was an audio witness to almost the entire incident. She tells a story of stalking, fear, a final chase, a short questioning exchange, then a “grassy” silence. Treyvon’s phone was found where it fell in the grass, very close to his dead body.


George’s defense team fiercely tried to establish that it was George screaming that night. But was it George? Mundane astrology, and a little common sense, can offer some poignant insight into who was screaming on that horrifying 911 call. Who was beseeching for help, in such heartbreaking fear?


George Zimmerman is Mercury in Pisces. In ancient astrology, water signs signified muteness. These shrieks ae not mute. Also, earlier in the process, voice experts, and the prosecution, were reporting two voices on that tape. The second voice was much lower and more commanding (I’ll talk about the trial in a separate article). Anyway, simple reality tells us those recorded screams couldn’t have been vocalized by George during a 45 second head-banging, mouth-choking death match. Yet George claims that this was happening so violently that he feared for his life. We hear neither choked, nor intermittently pounded screams. They are long, loud and clear, they are not muffled. Listen for yourself, they can be heard online.


Treyvon has the planet Uranus in his 1st house in Aries. It holds rulership over his 12th house of secret enemies, so he was totally and horribly surprised. Yet he instinctively fought back. He didn’t go passively, we know he screamed for help at the top of his lungs. He created his own Uranian explosion! George knew the police could show up at any moment. George must have wanted to capture and hold his suspect, and then turn him over to the cops. But that’s not what happened. Treyvon probably tried hard to get away, while screaming way too much. George had to silence this quickly. Otherwise there would be an alternate story to any self-defense claim. There would be Treyvon’s story of stalking, fear, a chase, and a large unidentified angry man grabbing him and holding on, while pointing a gun at him. Because of Rachel, we know this is what really happened. Because of astrology, we can independently confirm it.


Treyvon had two co-rulers for this event. We’ve been using Jupiter as a personal marker, describing his inner psychological state. Treyvon’s other ruler is Neptune as the new ruler of Pisces. Intuitively looking at the chart, it feels like Neptune belongs not only to Treyvon, but by extension to the entire black race.


From Treyvon’s point of view, Neptune is in his own house (the twelfth). And he’s just entered his own sign (Pisces). He is deeply powerful, and he is at home. But he’s almost invisible right now. He’s barely illuminated by a weak, wet Sun while being further obscured by its low, distorting rays. Neptune is communing with Chiron, the symbol of deep hurt, fear and pain. Chiron requires that we come through hell to find wisdom and the path beyond. This killing has struck a deep chord with (especially) black males, who are now amplifying Treyvon’s response. They are asking in anguish: “What was he to do? Why was this child judged as a thug? Is there no safety for any of us?” These questions are not new, it’s that Treyvon has newly embodied them.


When we want to look and see how a mundane chart is ultimately going to turn out, we turn to the 4th house of the original, upright chart. (We can see how it turns out for Treyvon from the upside-down chart. But that 4th cusp is ruled by Mercury, who is George, who indeed, was the end of Treyvon’s personal life story.)


We can be grateful that humanity’s ending holds more promise. The mundane 4th house cusp is 18Sag22, which is ruled by Jupiter who, we remember, is the co-ruler of Treyvon. His death is graphically shown by Jupiter’s position in the mundane 8th. From there, he is making a trine to Pluto in the “end-of-the-matter” 4th. Treyvon holds sway over the legacy of this event. He is in powerful control, even from his grave. George Zimmerman holds no power at all over the end of this matter, and in fact is also under Treyvon’s subtle power (Mercury in Pisces is disposed by Jupiter). The Moon, ruler of “the people,” sweeps over Treyvon and trines Pluto. Public sentiment will increasingly favor basic transformational change. The Moon shows many things, and one of them in this case is Treyvon’s Mom, Sabrina. She is already working to effect change and according to the chart, should be heartily supported.


This chart actually shows George Zimmerman winning his battle in court. Moon’s last aspect is a sextile to Mercury after it’s progressed into the 9th house of courts. But it’s not showing that George Zimmerman will win the ultimate war. He has no control over that. The end of this event will come from that 66o bundle of planets over on Treyvon’s side of the chart, planets sandwiched by Treyvon’s own body. He had a million supporters fighting for an arrest, and this could grow to millions more. This chart shows that incredible strength is available for the fight ahead, and that actual concrete reformation and transformation are possible.


Written by Marilyn Neuner CAP, NCGRII

© M. Neuner 2013




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