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June 1st, 2010 by Kim Kyte

Astrology Montreal is a non-profit association dedicated to the study, advancement and enjoyment of astrology. Its mission is to organize events and lectures that will contribute to the promotion and development of astrological knowledge in the Greater Montreal area.

We aim to address the needs of as many people as possible, from those who are just beginning the study of astrology to professionals. A variety of astrological resources and information will be posted on this website. We hope you will find them useful and perhaps entertaining, and welcome your suggestions and contributions.

Mars-Jupiter Cycles and Canadian History, by Nick Dagan Best

March 8th, 2016 by

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau Natal ChartJustin Trudeau and the Liberal Party’s election to a majority government on Monday, has inspired me to post some work I’ve done on Canadian history over the years.

Transiting Mars made a conjunction to Jupiter in tropical Virgotwo days prior to the Canadian federal election on Monday, October 19, 2015.

Out of forty-two Canadian federal elections, four have occurred during MarsJupiter conjunctions, and two during MarsJupiter oppositions.

As it happens, MarsJupiter conjunctions and oppositions play a recurring role in Canadian history, and I wanted to take this opportunity to take you through an interesting timeline using this cycle.

The Trudeau Legacy

Justin Trudeau was born while his father, Pierre Trudeau, was Prime Minister. The elder Trudeau held the second-longest reign in Canadian history, serving all but nine months of a sixteen year span from 1968-1984.

The oldest of three sons, Trudeau first captured the public’s attention when he delivered a passionate eulogy at his father’s state funeral in October 2000. Broadcast live on national television, the speech made him an instant celebrity.

Trudeau was first elected as a Member of Parliament in Montreal’s Papineau riding, in the 40th General Election on October 14, 2008. After being re-elected as an MP in 2011, he was elected leader of the Liberal Party on April 14, 2013.

Justin Trudeau Mars JupiterTrudeau was born with Jupiter in Sagittarius square Mars inPisces. As I already mentioned, his recent election occurred two days following a transiting MarsJupiter conjunction in Virgo.

Interestingly, this was the first time Mars and Jupiter had been conjunct in Virgo since the time of his father’s meteoric return to power just before the first Quebec referendum in 1980. More on that later.

The combination of MarsJupiter, astrologically speaking, signifies division over matters of principle and ideology. From the beginning, the Canadian political landscape has been a battleground for the legacies of competing European dynasties and their respective cultural values. Canada is where the Hundred Years’ War continues to be fought, in seeming perpetuity.

By virtue of his full name, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Montreal-born son of a francophone father and anglophone mother, was in his era a symbolic manifestation of the French-English divide that defined that city, and the federation as a whole.

Justin Trudeau, son of a Montreal-born father and Vancouver-born mother, embodies a broader, more geographically inclusive vision of the east-west factions that contribute to shaping Canada’s complex cultural mosaic.

Mars and Jupiter Synodic Cycles

The SunMars synodic cycle last about twenty-six months, and the SunJupiter synodic cycle lasts about thirteen months.

Consequently, MarsJupiter conjunctions and oppositions each occur once every twenty-six months, except in cases where the configuration occurs during a Mars retrograde phase, in which case there can be three conjunctions or oppositions over the period of a few months. There are two such examples in the following timeline, and I will discuss them further when we get there.

Samuel de Champlain Founds Place Royale

Samuel de Champlain builds a wall at Place RoyaleSamuel de Champlain, founder of what would become Quebec City, also built the first European-made construct on the Hochelaga islands, what would one day be known as the city of Montreal.

Building a square wall by the meeting of the St. Laurent and St. Pierre rivers, he founded Place Royale on May 28, 1611.

Mars was six days prior to a conjunction with Jupiter in Cancer.

De Maisonneuve Founds Ville-Marie

De Maisonneuve found Ville-MarieA few decades later, on May 18, 1642, Paul de Chomedey, Sieur de Maisonneuve brought a small settlement to the Place Royale and established Ville-Marie, which would soon become known as Montreal.

The new community built a chapel and, under the leadership of a nurse named Jeanne Mance, a hospital, the Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal.

Transiting Mars was six day prior to a conjunction with Jupiterin Pisces.

Montgomery Army Occupies Montreal

Montgomery's Army Occupies the City of MontrealJumping ahead over a century, Montreal is now part of a British colony. During the American Revolutionary War, the city was occupied without resistance by American forces led by GeneralRichard Montgomery on November 13, 1775.

Having withstood an attempted invasion by Ethan Allen‘s forces on September 24th, the city was unprepared to defend itself against Montgomery, after his army took Fort St. Jean on November 3rd.

Transiting Mars in Sagittarius was five days following an opposition to Jupiter in Gemini.

British Soldiers Kill Three Montreal Voters

British Soldiers Kills Three Montreal VotersIn 1832, the same year the city of Montreal was incorporated, and in the midst of a growing cholera epidemic, street fights broke out over a hotly contested election for a seat in the Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada, resulting in the shooting deaths of three French Canadian men.

With the ruling class represented by Stanley Bagg — a Tory merchant likely to lose the vote to Irish Catholic front runnerDaniel Tracey — soldiers fired into a crowd of Tracey supporters outside a polling station at 5:05 pm on May 21, 1832.

Transiting Mars was five days prior to a conjunction with Jupiter in Pisces.

Lord Russell’s Ten Resolutions on Lower Canada

Lord Russell's Ten Resolutions on Lower CanadaFollowing the turmoil of 1832, French Canadian representative Louis-Joseph Papineau and his associates on the Lower Canada Legislative Assembly drafted the Ninety-Two Resolutions in 1834. The resolutions aired grievances against abuse made by past governments, and demanded a series of political reforms.

After going ignored for three years, British parliament rejected the Legislative Assembly’s demands. Colonial Secretary Lord John Russell issued his own Ten Resolutions, allowing for the continued power of unelected parties against that of the Assembly. British parliament passed the Ten Resolutions on March 6, 1837.

News of the resolutions sparked the Rebellions of 1837-1838 in both Lower and Upper Canada. (A topic I will explore in more depth in a future article).

When parliament passed the Ten Resolutions, transiting Mars retrograde was nine days following a conjunction with Jupiter in Leo.

Dominion of Canada Established

Dominion of Canada EstablishedThe Dominion of Canada, otherwise known as the Canadian Confederation, was established at midnight on July 1, 1867, turning three British colonies into four provinces: Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

The new federation was designed by the Fathers of Confederation, led by John A. MacDonald and Georges-Étienne Cartier, to break political gridlock amidst the colonies, and to protect British territory against the American Manifest Destiny doctrine by establishing a cross-country railroad.

Transiting Mars in Virgo was four days prior to opposition with Jupiter in Pisces.

First Train Leaves from Montreal for Vancouver

First Train Leaves Montreal for VancouverScandal ridden and long overdue, the first Canadian Pacific Railway passenger train left Dalhousie Station in Montreal at 8 pm on June 28, 1886, and arrived in Port Moody, British Columbia, near Vancouver, on July 4th.

Montreal mayor Honoré Beaugrand officiated at the departure ceremony.

Transiting Mars was two days following its conjunction withJupiter in Virgo.

Wilfrid Laurier and Henri Bourassa Debate Boer War

Wilfrid Laurier & Henri Bourassa Debate Boer WarIn 1899, war broke out between Great Britain and the Boer settlers of South Africa. The question of Canadian participation in British foreign wars became, and would continue to be, a bitterly divisive matter in the country, particularly in the French Canadian community.

Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier, Canada’s first French Canadian leader, found himself debating members of his own party, including the outspoken Quebec nationalist, Henri Bourassa.

On October 12, 1899, the day debates began between Laurier and Bourassa, transiting Mars was three days following a conjunction with Jupiter in Scorpio, which was also Laurier’s Sun sign.

William Lyon Mackenzie King Elected Prime Minister of Canada

William Lyon Mackenzie King Elected Prime Minister of CanadaOn December 6, 1921, William Lyon Mackenzie King of the Liberal Party was elected Prime Minister of Canada in the 14th General Election. Apart from a brief interruption in 1926, and then a five-year period out of office from 1930-35, Mackenzie King would serve as the country’s leader until 1949, the longest-serving in its history.

In this instance, I have posted a bi-wheel chart, to include King’s natal chart, which occupies the inner wheel. When he was elected, transiting Mars was ten days following a conjunction with Jupiter in Libra.

In addition, King, who was born sometime in the evening on December 17, 1874, in Kitchener, Ontario, was himself born two days following a MarsJupiter conjunction in Libra. You can’t make this stuff up.

Duplessis Bridge Collapses in Trois-Rivières

Duplessis Bridge Collapses in Trois-RivièresAt least four people (possibly eight) plunged to their deaths in the icy waters of the St. Maurice river, when four concrete and steel spans of the Duplessis bridge between Trois-Rivières and Cap-de-la-Madeleine suddenly collapsed at 2:55 am on January 31, 1951.

The bridge, named after the father of Quebec’s incumbent, long-governing premier, Maurice Duplessis, had only opened in 1948. Although he insisted the collapse was an act of sabotage, it was more likely due to the use of poor quality materials during construction.

Transiting Mars was eight days prior to conjunction with Jupiter in Pisces.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elected Member of Parliament

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elected Member of ParliamentPrime Minister Lester Pearson was elected to a second term in the 27th General Election on November 8, 1965, bringing with him some fresh faces from Quebec.

Dubbed the “three wise men” by the English language press (and the “three doves” by the French language press), union leaderJean Marchand, journalist Gérard Pelletier, and law professorPierre Trudeau were recruited by the federal Liberal Party to serve as a counter-weight to the growing tide of Quebec nationalism.

As the Liberal Party maintained a tradition of alternating between English and French speaking leaders, it was assumed that one of the three would replace Pearson as the party’s leader when he stepped down. Trudeau, the least well-known of the three, was first appointed Pearson’s parliamentary secretary, and then Justice Minister in 1967.

When Pearson unexpectedly announced his resignation from politics in April 1968, Trudeau was elected to replace him as acting Prime Minister. He soon called an election, and was elected to his first proper term on June 25, 1968.

Transiting Mars in Sagittarius was six days prior to an opposition with Jupiter in Cancer, when Trudeau was elected as a Member of Parliament, by the end of which term he would already be serving as Prime Minister of Canada.

Gens du Pays Song Public Debut

Gens du Pays Public DebutQuebec nationalism entered the 1970s with a literal bang, as theFront de Libération du Québec (FLQ), a loose association of separatist terrorist cells, went from their standard bombings of the 60s, to full-on kidnapping and murder in October 1970 (there is fascinating astrology in this story, involving Venus cycles, which I will also be covering in a future article).

With separatist sentiments continuing to flourish in the province,Gens du Pays, a song sung by pop singer Gilles Vigneault on June 24, 1975, before an audience gathered on Mont-Royal during a St. Jean Baptiste celebration (the Quebec national holiday) would grow to become the movement’s national anthem.

Transiting Mars was nine days following a conjunction with Jupiter in Aries.

René Lévesque and Parti Québécois Elected

René Lévesque & Parti Québécois ElectedWith Quebec nationalism now at a fever pitch, René Lévesqueand his separatist party, the Parti Québécois (PQ), took Canada by surprise by winning the provincial election on November 15, 1976.

A former journalist and member of the provincial Liberal party during the early 1960s, Lévesque formed the PQ in 1968, and was first elected to a seat under their banner in 1970. With the PQ now in power, Quebec separation became a real possibility.

Transiting Mars in Scorpio was two days following an opposition to Jupiter in Taurus.

Bill 101 Language Laws Adopted

Bill 101 Language Laws AdoptedNine months after the PQ ascent to power, Quebec’s Charter of the French Language, otherwise known as Bill 101, was passed by the provincial government on August 26, 1977.

Designed to preserve and protect French in the province, the new language laws were primarily aimed at the city of Montreal, where the largest non-francophone population lived.

Ranging from the use of French on commercial signs, to restrictions on admission to English language schools, the new charter was both popular and controversial.

Transiting Mars in Gemini was ten days prior to conjunction with Jupiter in Cancer.

Pépin-Robarts Commission on Canadian Unity

Pépin-Robarts Commission on Canadian UnityThe federal government responded to the election of the PQ in 1976, by forming the Pépin-Robarts Task Force to investigate the question of Canadian unity.

Jean-Luc Pépin, a former cabinet minister in the Trudeau government, and John Robarts, former Conservative Premier of Ontario, were paired for the commission, presenting their report on the morning of January 25, 1979.

Their recommendations included granting further powers to provincial governments, abolishing the Senate, and expanding the Canadian Supreme Court to eleven members, with five members from Quebec.

Prime Minister Trudeau was defeated four months later in the 31st General Election on May 22nd, by Conservative leader Joe Clark, who won a minority government.

The report was published on the same day that transiting Mars in Aquarius was opposite Jupiter in Leo.

Bill 101 Ruled Unconstitutional by Canadian Supreme Court

Bill 101 Ruled Unconstitutional by Supreme Court

In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled the Quebec Charter of the French Language to be unconstitutional. The ruling added to the resolve of the PQ government to hold a referendum on Quebec separation from Canada the following spring.

Interestingly, on the same day, Prime Minister Joe Clark‘s Conservative minority government, just six months in power, was unexpectedly given a vote of no confidence due to a defeated budget, making a new election necessary.

Former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who had only just announced his decision to retire, was soon coaxed into running for another term.

Transiting Mars was three days prior to a conjunction with Jupiter in Virgo. However, Mars was also thirty-three days away from its retrograde station in Virgo.

In a follow-up article, I will outline the history of Mars retrograde in Virgo in Canadian history, which is equally striking as the MarsJupiter cycle. For the time being, note that the Mars retrograde coinciding with its close proximity to Jupiter meant that, this time around, this was only the first of three MarsJupiterconjunctions that would occur in the next few months.

Pierre Trudeau Re-Elected Prime Minister of Canada

Pierre Trudeau Re-Elected Prime Minister of CanadaIn a stunning reversal, Liberal leader Pierre Trudeau waselected back to office in the 32nd General Election on February 18, 1980, after being out of office for only nine months.

With the Quebec separation referendum looming, the stakes were high, and Trudeau’s re-election pitted one Quebec leader against another.

Trudeau and Réne Lévesque, who had known each other since the 1950s, sharing many mutual friends and associates, formed the opposing columns at this crucial juncture in Canadian history.

Transiting Mars retrograde was nine days prior to its second of three conjunctions with Jupiter in Virgo.

Quebec Separatist Referendum Defeated

Quebec Separatist Referendum DefeatedA tense campaign that often divided family and friends, the Quebec referendum on sovereignty from Canada was defeated by a 60% vote on May 20, 1980.

Canada had come to the edge of being split apart. Non-francophone Montrealers had fled, and were continuing to leave the city in large numbers.

Prime Minister Trudeau, in his best conciliatory tone, indicated that he wanted to heal wounds by finally patriating Canada’s constitution, which at the time was still composed of British laws, and for which amendments required assent from British parliament.

However, the creation of a new Canadian constitution, which was passed on April 17, 1982, resulted in deepening the country’s schism with Quebec, and to this day the province has not signed it.

On the day of the referendum’s defeat, transiting Mars post-retrograde was sixteen days following its third conjunction with Jupiter in Virgo.

Bloc Québécois Federal Party Officially Created

Bloc Québécois Party Officially CreatedAdding to Quebec’s continued isolation from the patriated Canadian Constitution of 1982, was the failure of a package of proposed Quebec-approved amendments called the Meech Lake Accord in May 1990.

The Bloc Québécois (BQ), initially a loose association of disgruntled Quebec MPs from the Conservative and Liberal parties, had their first candidate in office before they were even a federally registered party. Gilles Duceppe, a union leader, waselected to a parliamentary seat as an independent on August 13, 1990.

However, the BQ was formally created and registered as a federal party the following year, on June 15, 1991. Quebec sovereigntists now had a voice on the federal platform.

Transiting Mars was two days following a conjunction with Jupiter in Leo.

Second Quebec Sovereignty Referendum Defeated

Second Quebec Sovereignty Referendum DefeatedThe failure of both the Meech Lake Accord in 1990, and the Charlottetown Accord in 1992, resulted in a second sovereignty referendum in Quebec, led by Premier Jacques Parizeau, on October 30, 1995.

The vote was much closer this time, nearly straight down the middle, with the sovereigntist side receiving 49.42% of the vote.

Transiting Mars was sixteen days prior to conjunction withJupiter in Sagittarius.

Paul Martin Defeated with No Confidence Vote

Paul Martin Defeated with No Confidence Vote

Paul Martin took over as Liberal leader and Prime Minister when three-term incumbent Jean Chrétien retired in 2004. On June 28, 2004, he was elected with a minority government in the 38th General Election.

However, trouble was already brewing in the Liberal Party, due to the exposure of a sponsorship scandal, in which the federal government was found to be misusing public funds to promote its role in Quebec.

Defeated in a parliamentary vote of no confidence on November 28, 2005, the first winter election in twenty-five years was called for the following January 23rd.

Transiting Mars retrograde in Taurus was six days prior to opposition with Jupiter in Scorpio when the government was defeated.

Stephen Harper Elected Prime Minister of Canada

Stephen Harper Elected Prime Minister of CanadaWith Paul Martin‘s Liberal Party tainted by the sponsorship scandal, Stephen Harper‘s Conservative Party won, by proportion of seats, the smallest minority government in Canadian history in the 39th General Election on January 23, 2006.

Despite its size, Harper’s first term leading a minority government was the longest in Canadian history, lasting a few months shy of three years. Most minority governments last about a year and a half.

As Mars had been retrograde two months earlier, when the Liberal government fell, transiting Mars postretrograde in Taurus was now five days following its last opposition with Jupiter in Scorpio.

Stephen Harper Re-Elected Prime Minister of Canada

Stephen Harper Re-Elected Prime Minister of CanadaHaving led two successive minority governments for over five years, Prime Minister Stephen Harper finally won a majority government in the 41st General Election on May 2, 2011.

The election had a number of unique outcomes. The Liberal Party won the fewest seats in its long history, and new party leader Michael Ignatieff lost his own seat in the election. The Bloc Québécois lost official party status due to losing 43 of its 47 seats.

Conversely, the left-leaning NDP Party, led by the charismaticJack Layton, stole much of the Liberal and BQ thunder, coming in second place and becoming the official opposition. The Green Party’s Elizabeth May became their first candidate to win a seat.

Transiting Mars was two days following a conjunction with Jupiter in Aries.

Justin Trudeau and Saturn-Neptune

Justin Trudeau Saturn NeptuneJustin Trudeau was also born with Saturn in Gemini oppositeNeptune in Sagittarius, close to the MC-IC axis.

With his election, transiting Saturn in Sagittarius is approaching a square configuration to Neptune in Pisces.

Since he has those two planets tightly configured in his natal chart, I anticipate that his impending term as Canada’s leader will resonate strongly with the transiting square.

The last time Saturn and Neptune were square, in 1998, the Trudeau family met tragedy when Justin’s youngest brother, Michel, was killed by an avalanche while skiing in the Kootenay Mountains on November 13th that year.

In Canadian politics, the SaturnNeptune square can be equally devastating.

John A. MacDonald, Canada’s founding father and first prime minister, was forced to resign due to a scandal involving bribery for railroad construction contracts on November 5, 1873 (he was elected back to power five years later), while Saturn in Capricorn was square Neptune in Aries.

The Manitoba School Act, passed on March 31, 1890, while Saturn regressing from Virgo to Leo was squareNeptune in Geminiabolished French as an official language in that province, instigating a bitter legacy that continues to resonate in present-day francophone Canada.

Wilfrid Laurier‘s Naval Service Bill, introduced on January 12, 1910, as Saturn in Aries was square Neptunein Cancer, marked the beginning of the end of his reign, and he was voted out of office the following year.

William Lyon MacKenzie King‘s government fell to a customs scandal on June 27, 1926, while Neptune inLeo was square Saturn in Scorpio, although he was voted back to power two months later.

The FLQ began their bombing campaigns in Montreal in 1963, as Neptune in Scorpio was square Saturn inAquarius.

Even Pierre Trudeau‘s election in 1980, occurring during a SaturnNeptune square in VirgoSagittarius, coincided with an era that was fraught with political fracture.

Even if he is ultimately facing a successful and popular reign as Canada’s new leader, Justin Trudeau‘s oft-quoted phrase from his acceptance speech, “we beat fear with hope, we beat cynicism with hard work,” will likely echo with ominous tones.


The Trayvon Martin case

August 25th, 2013 by

Was It Self-Defense?

By Marilyn Neuner


To run the chart, use: 7:09:34PM, Feb 26, 2012, Sanford FL

In the astrological study of conflict, it has always been important to figure out who started things. This is far more important than simply an exercise in school-yard finger pointing, on the contrary it’s an extremely revealing step. By doing this it’s possible to accurately assign house cusps to each side of any fight.


The person/nation/faction who has initiated the action is always assigned to the 1st house cusp. This house always shows “what’s coming up.” It tells us who will steer the ensuing event flow that’s being released in that moment. When we assign the 1st cusp accurately, we can go ahead and confidently read the chart.


The person/nation/faction being acted upon is shown by the 7th cusp. It’s in the position of not having chosen the action, but of forced coercion. In astrological conflict, there can never be any assumed exchanges of these two energies mid-battle. The instigator/1st house cannot suddenly become the victim/7th house.  Any changes of fortune mid-battle would happen only if the original mundane chart shows this scenario in its unfolding predictive story line.

Read the rest of this entry »

Lost and Found: A Horary Chart

January 5th, 2011 by Sandra Jelmi

By Carole Lalonde

On the morning of November 22nd 2010, I took out my wallet at the counter of a department store, intending to pay with my credit card. But I couldn’t find it! When I got back home, I proceeded to empty my wallet, my purse and the pockets of my coat, but to no avail. I then checked around the house. I could not find it. I then looked at my electronic account to see if there were any unknown items that could have been bought by a person having stolen my credit card. Read the rest of this entry »

Saturn in Libra : an agricultural perspective

November 10th, 2010 by Sandra Jelmi

By Carole Lalonde

Saturn transiting Libra is commonly associated on the mundane level with justice, alliances, equity and /  or false jurisdictions as well as aborted trials, according to the aspects made by Saturn. But I would like to bring to your attention the not so familiar relation between Saturn exalted in Libra and agriculture. Let us go back to mythology and remember Saturn castrating his father Ouranos with a sickle. Read the rest of this entry »

Accessing the Soul through the Tarot

September 6th, 2010 by admin

by Vanessa Starr, M.A.

“Trying to fathom the eternal mysteries is like trying to empty the ocean with a teaspoon.” Saint Augustine

 When I began teaching the Tarot, the first item on my agenda was to expound on what the Tarot is. Inevitably, I would end up talking about its cloudy origins, tracking its nomadic history through many disparate cultures and countries. Or I would listen to myself intrapolate its relationship to the Kabbalah, or use metaphors like “mirror”, or Jungian terms, like “synchronicity”, falling back in desperation on what the Tarot does. Read the rest of this entry »

Celebrate your Sun Sign

June 2nd, 2010 by Susan Kelly

“And God said, ‘Let there be light’; and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good . . .”

So begins creation, as depicted in the first chapter of Genesis. We see the light, and also note that it’s good. Rare is the person who prefers rainy days or finds them anything but enervating or depressing. On sunny days we generally feel happier, more active.

Yet it’s easy to trivialize our Sun sign – the zodiac sign with which we identify when someone asks “What’s your sign?” It doesn’t really mean that much to say “I’m a Pisces, Gemini, Capricorn, or whatever, right? After all, it’s so familiar. One need have no knowledge of astrology whatsoever, nor even be aware of the complexity of this ancient art/science, to be able to look up your horoscope. We can read our Sun-sign horoscopes in the newspaper, hear them on the radio, or unroll a little scroll in the drugstore and find astrological insight. Read the rest of this entry »


June 1st, 2010 by admin

by Deena Grier

When I began to prepare this talk, I felt that I had to get a grip on the astronomy of Venus retrograde. Astronomy and I have never been good friends, but of late, we’ve begun to form an uneasy alliance. Erin Sullivan’s book, Retrograde Planets, was an enormous help. So I studied diagrams of Venus’s retrogradation — an event which occurs about every eighteen months. And I began to absorb the fact that the entire cycle is way more than the five wimpy weeks we see in the ephemeris. In fact, the whole thing could take up to a year. Bearing in mind that Venus can never be more than 48° from the Sun, we can see that point in mid-August of 2002, it’s retrograde conjunction with the Sun around November lst, and its direct conjunction in mid-August of 2003. Amplification of this is found in Sullivan’s book, but isn’t a requirement right now. There’s something far more interesting inherent in the retrogradation of Venus. Read the rest of this entry »

Traditions of Astrological Practice

June 1st, 2010 by admin

by Cynthia D’Errico

Modern Western Astrology is based on traditions handed down by the Babylonians, Greeks, and other ancient civilisations. There is GEOCENTRIC practice which takes the earth as the centre of the universe. Although the earth revolves around the Sun, the astrologer’s point-of-view is how the planets affect us here on earth, the vantage point of sentient life embodied in matter.

There is also HELIOCENTRIC practice which is sun-centered and extrapolates from the planets’ (including earth’s) ever-changing relationships to the Sun information about people, events, and circumstances here on earth. In general, the planets, their continuously changing relationships to each other (called, aspects), the signs, and the houses are the flywheel of astrological practice and interpretation. Astrology is based on centuries of empirical observation of the relationship between the planets’ interaction and position. Read the rest of this entry »

Astrological Crosses in Relationships

June 1st, 2010 by Susan Kelly

Book Review
by Susan Kelly

Astrological Crosses in Relationships:
Understanding Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable Energies
by Pauline Edward. Published 2002 by Llewellyn Worldwide

The great paradox of Astrology: this cosmic art/science has been around for at least 4,000 years, yet it never seems to get old. There’s always something new to discover, or a neglected element crying out to be viewed in a new light.

This latter point was amply and ably brought home to me in reading Montreal astrologer Pauline Edward’s new book Astrological Crosses in Relationships. (Llewellyn 2002). For just when you thought such basic stuff as the crosses has been adequately covered, it turns out they haven’t.

Beginning students are introduced to the zodiac signs through the elements and crosses. Volumes have been written about the elements, for they form the bases for so many branches of metaphysical studies, such as the tarot.

Not so the crosses, for which no other extensive reference exits. They’re also known as the quadruplicities, qualities or modes if you prefer, and are unique to astrology. There are three crosses, called cardinal, fixed and mutable, each containing four signs. And, as Edward sees it, : “By their basic structure, the crosses represent far more dynamic groups than do the elements.”

A respected astrologer since 1985, Edward has studied the crosses for over 15 years. (She’s also Astrology Montreal’s website designer/master and a founding member who now sits on the executive committee). She traces her fascination back to an awakening during a lecture given by another Montreal astrologer, Marc Bériault: “Ever since that moment, I have continued to study and develop my understanding . . . The crosses were the missing link.”

She goes on to elaborate on their dynamic nature: “Over the years I began to recognize the crosses in people’s speech patterns, in the style of their actions, in their methods of self-expression, in the words they chose to express what was on their minds or in their hearts, in the manner in which they carried themselves into a room, and in how they related to others.” (P.3)

The results of these observations is a very cogent outline of the crosses as accessible for beginners as it is for professional astrologers. Edward presents her material in a very personable style. From page 1, the reader has the sense of being able to sit down with a top-notch astrologer who is also a superb translator of ‘astrolgese’ into clear, straightforward English.

I am impressed with not only the extent, but also the quality of the insights and information in this book. The author certainly nailed my fixed cross issues, such as: “Although for the most part productive, fixed signs can find themselves trapped in the immediately perceived reality, and when this occurs they are unable to be creative and can be inflexible in their attitudes and actions.” (P. 58) The above is just a little too true for this Leo reviewer!

There are a wealth of anecdotes to illustrate the crosses and how they play out in the lives of individuals, without relying too heavily on celebrities, as do so many astrology books. Real people with real lives are included, not just such über-successful over-achievers as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey or Martha Stewart. In”The Crosses in Life Experience” chapter. I especially liked the analogy of decorating a room, and how each cross would handle and divide tasks. (p. 129)

This book holds a wealth of insight and information for intermediate to advanced students of astrology. But it’s also accessible to those with only Sun-sign knowledge. Edward provides every opportunity for them to benefit from this book, including a table of Sun-signs clearly indicating to which cross each belongs.

Those wishing to go beyond the Sun-sign are able to send away for a free chart. Edward provides pointers on how to determine if one or more of the crosses predominates in your chart on pages 12-13 (of course, you can always ask your astrologer!). Beyond setting the tone, the Introduction chapter also provides a mini astrology course, and lets you know you’re dealing with an authority.

Practicing astrologers will find not only information, but advice directly applicable in counselling situations. Case in point: the chapter entitled “Mending Broken Crosses” deals with lack of or over-abundance of a quality, and provides suggested coping strategies.

I do have one small cavil with this book, and that is with the title, Astrological Crosses in Relationships. Were I to come across it cold on a bookstore shelf, I might assume it was a book about the crosses in synastry. A more apt title might have been The Astrological Crosses in Relationship – for as Edward writes “. . . it is the aspects, or relationship of one sign to another within the same cross that makes up the dynamism.”

Astrological Crosses in Relationships now has a prominent spot on my astrological reference bookshelf. I will return to it often, in mutable dipping and skipping for immediately useful knowledge, in a fixed desire to spur greater mastery and creative approach to my astrology practice, and in a cardinal obsession with needing and wanting to be in on a very good thing.


Astrological Crosses in Relationships by Pauline Edward (Astrology Montreal original founding member and website designer). Llewellyn Worldwide, 2002. 195 pp, paperback. Accessible for beginning students and beyond. Pros will also benefit. Contact Pauline through this website, or check out

Commonsense Definitions and Some History

June 1st, 2010 by admin

by Cynthia D’Errico

Ancient Astrology:

Ancient Astrology was a religious world-view founded on the belief that man was part of the cosmos and nature around him. This cosmos was imbued with the intelligence and will of the gods (in monotheistic cultures, God). This greater intelligence could be appealed to through the rituals of astrology in order to discover or alter one’s fate. Man could negotiate the terms of his fate when his free will was exercised with sincerity, respect, and reverence for the will of the gods/God. Ancient Astrology was only one part of an integrated science (or, sapientia) which included alchemy and botany.

Modern Astrology:

Modern Astrology is the study of the confluent relationship between man and the universe, founded on the primary idea that planetary motion and cycles correspond to the evolution of the soul as well as life as manifest in matter on earth. This ancient tradition of regarding man as part of, and a participant in, an integrated energistic universe is now being broached in modern physics.. The language of Astrology has changed over many centuries as man’s self-perception and ability to articulate that perception has evolved, but Astrology’s premise remains the same.Astrology is not magic, but rather a way of discovering our place in the vastness of the universe we live in and harmonizing our personal energies with the energies the cosmos continuously emanates.

[Excerpts that I liked from Astrologers I respect]

Soul Food….on the Birth Chart

“…the chart is a mirror of the Soul’s evolutionary intent and plan over the course of the lifetime, an intent that has manifested in matter, in the form of our unique physical bodies….The chart also provides insight into the past life–unresolved complexes and issues contained in the cellular memory (which Jung calls collective consciousness).”

From Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn: The Spiritualization of Matter by Cynthia Hill, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and astrologer (quoted in The Mountain Astrologer magazine, 1995.) ….on Death

“When earlier peoples worshipped the cyclically renewing Moon (as early as 38,000 BC), they had an implicit understanding of rebirth or reincarnation. They saw the Moon disappear, but they also saw her reappear. There was no reason to think that human life was any different from the cosmic and vegetative cycles with which their lives were so attuned.

At this time, humanity operated primarily out of a right-brain consciousness, in an intuitive manner, where the end and beginning are connected, and it sees how things are alike rather than different….Left-brain functioning is analytical and logical, but it is also linear…in which there is a beginning, middle, and end. But the end is no longer connected to the beginning. It was at this point (about 3,000 BC) that humanity began to greatly fear death because it was no longer connected to renewal.”

An interview with Demetra George, cited in The Mountain Astrologer) ….On

“Fate & Transformation” Man’s nature could be transformed “through experience of, and interchange with, the world of images which we would now call the fantasy products of the unconscious….Images had the power to alter or mediate the effects of planetary fate on the physical plane….If one considers the horoscope as the written law of the heavens, then there are different levels upon which fate might enact itself. These different levels are perhaps intimately connected with the inner attitude of the individual and with his relationship, or lack thereof, with the world of images and symbols.”

From The Astrology of Fate by Liz Greene, p. 128-9. ….on Oneness

“…everything in form, in matter, is the energy of the Spirit in various manifestations and functioning at different rates of vibration. All conscious matter, from the most minute cell to the grandest being, is in a constant state of evolution and growth along the spiral Path to the Mountaintop, towards…reunion with the One…. In this way, we take the next giant step on the evolutionary journey towards expansion of consciousness.”

From Cynthia Hill, cited above…..on “Fate & Free Will”

We live out our destiny when we become aware that ‘what happens outside’ is a reflection of ‘what happens inside (us)’. “When an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate. That is to say, when the individual does not become conscious of his inner contradictions, the world must perforce act out the conflict (for him)…..” Carl Jung